Wish You Were Here

I am going to put something in A.I.R. Gallery’s (annual benefit postcard exhibit (Wish You Were Here).  I made these two 4” x  6” paintings and can’t decide which of these two to put into the show.  Feedback is most welcome.

It is a wonderful exhibit—last year over 400 artists exhibited their work. All proceeds of the exhibition help fund the gallery’s programs, including their fellowship program for under represented and emerging women artists. I bought two postcards.

Not a Dream
Not a Dream, Ink on linoleum block, 4″H x 6″W 

Making these two pieces have opened up a whole new way of working for me. It usually takes me months to complete one piece but I did each of these in one day.  I’ve gone on to do another painting (not a postcard) done in this “quick” mode (it is all relative).  I guess it is good to switch things around every once in a while.  But the process of making these is definitely less meditative and the sense of accomplishment seems too easy.

Black Rock
Black Rock, Ink on linoleum, 4″H x 6″W


  1. Nancy, “Not A Dream” is my favorite. It definitely has a meditative quality and an element of mystery.


  2. Nancy, these are both great – but of the two, I think I’d go with “Not a Dream” – I love the way you captured the texture and movement of the sea


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