This is my most recent piece.  I used Tombow dual brush pens to make this one. I started by painting ink washes and then drew over it with colored ink. I find the pen side of these dual brush pens too wide for my liking and don’t use them very much.  The finer the pen, the better.

I am taking a break for a little while from working on drawings reminiscent of views outside of caves and now doing pieces based on places/memories of Maui, Hawaii. I was there three months ago for my honeymoon.  It was a magical place and time.  Trying to keep it alive in me.  We’ll see.

What I Tell Myself
What I Tell Myself, Ink on Claybord, 6″ x 6″


One of the most important things that I learned in art school many years ago was if something is boring to keep doing it until it becomes interesting.


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