Nancy Wolitzer

The Web of Depression

The Web of Depression, 8" x 8", scratchbook and ink, 2916

The Web of Depression, 8″ x 8″,  scratchboard and ink, 2016


Here is my most recent piece and the most abstract one that I have done in a number of years. But also the most realistic. From my heart—the invisible one. Working on this piece was less of a meditative process than usual. l like change in my art and it usually takes me by surprise.

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9 thoughts on “The Web of Depression

  1. It looks like the neural passages of your mind somehow. Weaving synapses in the brain. Had a second look at this. It is spectacular!

  2. This is delicate and pretty, as the comments above mentioned, which belies the title, yet I can see the slightly more menacing forms below. I feel as though I am being watched from a distance, through a misty web.

  3. It’s very pretty. I love the soft texture and how each thread trails off on its own. Great detail and fascinating colours.

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