Bosco, scratchboard, 7"H x 5"W
Bosco, scratchboard, 7″H x 5″W

This is Bosco, another commissioned scratchboard drawing. It was a surprise birthday gift for someone. I held off posting this just in case the recipient of the drawing got lost and somehow ended up on my blog.  I’ve never met Bosco. I looked at several photos before I started drawing and I grew to like her while I worked on the piece. We developed a relationship of sorts. Well, I guess Bosco had the personality that I gave to her and we were pals. But I hear that the real Bosco is especially sweet. 



    1. Hi Kitty, Thank you for your kind comment and for visiting and following my blog. I will continue to post cat and dog portraits so I hope you will visit again.


  1. Nancy, I am the recipient of your wonderful piece of art. All of what you say is correct about Bosco. She is my pal and a very loving, sweet dog. You do a wonderful job of capturing it all. I look forward to seeing more of your work. Thank you so much for the great job you did! Aloha from Bosco and Susan


    1. Hi Susan, Thanks so much! I am very happy that you are pleased with Bosco’s portrait. I really enjoyed creating it. Maybe next time I am in Maui (I wish 🙂 ) I could meet with both you and Bosco.


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