I Scratched a Cat

Meohwee, scratchboard, 18"H x 24"W
Meohwee, scratchboard, 18″H x 24″W

I used to be allergic to cats. Now I live with two cats—one fat and one skinny—and  I don’t have any allergies. I used to have a dog who sang along with opera. I wish I had recorded him singing. Too late.  He was so sweet and serious.

This is a scratchboard drawing of my friend Jerri’s cat.  Sort of. First there was the cave series, followed by the honeymoon pieces.  I think I am going to start an animal series.  I guess I’ve already started.  Many of the decisions that I have made have been accidental.  So far everything has worked out.  More or less. 


  1. I have 2 Siamese cats and I am an opera singer (soprano voice). My first Siamese cat (Dusty) was also a singer with a wide range of notes. She never had to get in a physical fight with anything. She could even frighten away a large dog, just with the sound of her powerful voice.
    Your drawings are wonderful.


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