Full Circle

Since completing my last piece I’ve been working on making a book.  I received the first copy today! Here is a link to the preview of Full Circle, which shows the first fifteen pages.

From the Preface:

This was the year that I came full circle, taking me back to where I wanted to be, where I once was. My desire to draw and paint surfaced after a long rest—but not after sleeping.  In fact I’d quietly been making art all these years but it had slowly crawled to the background. Now it surfaced in ways I could never have predicted.

I’m getting older. Is that what this is about? Or is it about falling in love and getting married? Struggling with anxiety and physical pain? Through all of this I continued to paint and draw because I wanted to, loved to, and had to.

I also created a website.  Each time I posted a new piece I’d write something about it. Before I posted the acrylic painting Silvercane and Sack, instead of writing about the piece itself, I wrote about a childhood memory that was triggered by the painting. The idea for this little book came from that experience. I then wrote down some other memories from my childhood without thinking about my artwork.  The funny thing is, almost all of my pieces spoke directly to a particular memory that I had written. Only one piece, Anxiety, was made specifically to coordinate with a memory selected here.

Full circle. Back to where I was, but more so.



    1. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and responding to this entry about Full Circle. I went to your blog and really like your writing. I’ll definitely be back to read more.


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