On the Road to Hana

This is my favorite photograph from the pictures I took last month in Maui. I kind of have a blog by accident.  I am not a blog kind of girl. I don’t have a lot to say. I was a painfully shy child. What I really want is a website to show my artwork.  I created my old site using iWeb, which is being fazed out by Apple.

I’ve created five galleries on this site: Recent Work, Scratchboard, Drawing, Collage, and Gold Leaf. I’ll post new work as it is completed.  It takes me a long time to finish each piece so it will probably be months in between postings of new work.  It is my nature to be slow and precise. Who knows–maybe I’ll like this blogging thing?On the Road to Hana


  1. I don’t think this photograph was taken at the Keanae Peninsula–but I am not entirely sure. I was preoccupied with being terrified by the drive and mesmerized by the beauty to know where I was while on the road to Hana. I was drawn to take this picture because it seemed to be a dark, wintery, and private spot. What an amazing day!


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