Old Slipper, pencil on paper, 6 x 8 in., 2020
Lucy Half Asleep, pencil on paper, 6 x 8 in., 2020
Pen, pencil on paper, 8 x 6 in., 2020
Brush, pencil on paper, 6 x 8 in., 2020
Q-tips, pencil on paper, 6 x 8 in., 2020

My father died 2 months ago. I have been unable to make any art since he died, something I did every day. I don’t think I am depressed although I am teary in the morning. I read, I sleep. When I don’t have a migraine I have started sitting on a bench around the corner from where I live for a few minutes (and yes, I wear a mask). I have taken walks with my wife. I usually work in scratchboard and my pieces take a long time. I have decided (actually my wife suggested this) that I make a quick drawing every day. Scratchboard is not allowed. So here are the first five drawings.


  1. These drawings are just lovely Nancy, utterly heartfelt. The slipper is especially poignant. I know you have had a very hard time recently, and I feel for you very much. Losing a parent is an acute loss, a time for lots of reflection, and also realisations about the future too. Your wife made such a wonderful suggestion to do the drawings. Clearly she is very in tune with you.


  2. They are lovely, Nancy. I’d be hard-pressed to pick a favorite, though Lucy Half Asleep has its special allure, and two of the Q-tips seem to be forming a wishbone. But that slipper…

    I think your wife did us all a favor with her suggestion.

    Two months is not very long, so you must still be actively grieving. Takes a long time to heal, as I’m sure you know.

    You mentioned migraines. I’ve been a migraineur since my early 20s. Sumatriptan changed my life. I don’t know if you’ve tried it.

    Best regards,


    1. Thank you Annie. My wife’s suggestion is perfect and I have to be okay with myself on days when I feel too sick to do anything. I also started getting migraines when I was in my 20s. For years Topamax prevented most of them from occurring. Then that drug stopped working as well. I am allergic to all of the triptans. Botox really helps me. It cut my migraine days from about 17/month to about 5. Then when Covid-19 hit NY my March appointment was cancelled and the headache clinic was shut down. I finally got injections last week. They have not yet started working. I try to work through them but sometimes it is not possible. Okay enough complaining. Thanks again for your words.


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