The Way Back

The Way Back, oil paint pen, ink, markers, on clayboard, 18"H x 24"W, 2014
The Way Back, oil paint pen, ink, markers, on clayboard, 18″H x 24″W, 2014

This piece was done on an 18” x 24” white Ampersand claybord.  I first did the drawing/painting using oil paint pens, Derwent inktense, and markers and then scratched on top of the paint/inks (basically over the entire piece). It is called The Way Back.

I realized that I have another piece titled The Way Out. Do you see a theme going on there? I have two pieces named House and two named Waterfall. Am I trying to say the same thing over and over again? Am I running out of titles? I really don’t like talking about my work, writing an artist’s statement. I don’t know what to say. I have always been a quiet, private person. I like when my art moves people but I find it difficult to explain what is behind it all. What is behind me.


  1. This is lovely, and the title is just right. I find titles suggest themselves in clusters, and probably you do instinctively hark back to words or imagery that you love. Right now I am into the seasons, everything I do seems to fit!


    1. Anna, Thank you so much for your comments. I think you are correct that one instinctively is drawn to certain words that end up fitting the piece. When the words finally come to me I know they are right.


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