I’m entering my art in a small works show with the theme of Idiom. All artwork is required to be 5” x 5.” Although I have made a lot of small pieces, none are 5” x 5” or fit the exhibit’s theme.  But I guess one could fake it with the theme by just choosing a title that is an idiom. (I used to never name my artwork until someone I worked with said that not naming a painting was similar to not naming your children. That made sense to me.) I made three new drawing/paintings specifically for this exhibit and here they are.

Fish Out of Water
Fish Out of Water, ink on gessoboard, 5” x 5”
Apple of My Eye
Apple of My Eye, ink on clayboard, 5” x 5”
Whac a Mole
Whac a Mole, acrylic on gessoboard, 5” x 5”

Now that I’m through with idioms (at least for a while), I will return to working on a march larger ink drawing that I started just before making these three pieces.

What do you think?

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