Here is a scratchboard drawing (Waterfall) that I did this week. It is of a waterfall that we came across while travelling on the Road to Hana in Maui during February. I was there for my honeymoon.  I am working on a series of Hawaii pieces. Or are they honeymoon pieces?

Waterfall, scratchboard, 7″H x 5″W


I found out this week that my piece (Can It Happen?) was selected to be included in the International Art Festival Competition exhibit to be held at the Museum of Russian Art in Jersey City. The exhibit will run from August 3–17th.  Coincidentally, my maternal grandfather was born in Russia. I’ll have to make my way to NJ  next week and deliver my art.  The piece is done on Clayboard™ 2” deep cradle panel. I had left the cradled wood frame unfinished but wanted to finish it for the show. A lot of artists who work on this material do finish/stain the frames after completing their work but the possibility of the stain spilling onto my art just makes me too nervous.  And I am a very anxious person but everyone views me as being very calm. This is the largest ink pen piece that I’ve done so far (16”H x 20”W) and it took me about 5 months to complete, so I just couldn’t bring myself to risk messing up.  I found the perfect solution —I waxed the frame with SC Johnson Paste Wax and then buffed it and it looks great. The wood does have a finished look without being stained. (I have used wood stain on other pieces prior to beginning work.)


Time to start something new.  I am torn between starting a scratchboard drawing or a colored ink piece.  Oh , how I wish I could draw all day long and not have to do other work.


    1. Thanks so much for your kind words and for sharing my drawing with your followers. My time in Maui certainly was special and I plan on making more drawings/paintings based on my experiences from my time there.


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